This is good news for SAB TV Gutur Gu Serial lovers because SAB TV again going to relaunch it's old show Gutur Gu Season 2.The first season of this silent comedy, produced by Fireworks Productions.

The second season will see the same actors and an identical concept of silent comedy but will have its own unique comic punches.

About Story:

A story woven around a sweet and innocent family and their humorous interaction with the outside world as well as within the family. The twist in the tale: All is done without uttering a single word. A silent comedy.
An upwardly mobile family- The Ahuja’s. This family has been living in Mumbai. Ever since the day the senior Ahujas got married – it was Bhavna Ahuja’s dream to live her life in Mumbai.
 As the saying goes: No one shows off like the punjabi’s do. No one has larger than life stories like the punjabis do. The way we have seen in our staple Yash Chopra and Karan Johar films. That’s how this family is too. They show off to the neighbours--to the world---and most definitely to each other.
They all must compete --- each one showing off that they are doing better than the other--- not just monetarily but in happiness and in joy--- it’s a healthy fun show off!!
 We enter the world of such Ahuja’s..who love each other no doubt, but with a pinch of salt.. actually in their case a ladle of garam masala…